Buying a Home.

There are many steps to buying a home.

Work with Me as your Agent!

Start by finding a real estate agent that you trust and would like to work with. Like me! I would love to help guide you through the entire process.

Know your Price

Talk a couple of lenders and mortgage brokers about what you can comfortably afford.
Ask me for a list of questions to ask lenders!

Visit Homes

I will help you find available homes and visit them. As we walk through the home I can answer questions and provide ideas and suggestions on possible issues or renovations to consider, as well as the home's worth.

Put in an Offer

We will go through comparable properties and consider pricing as we put together an offer to submit to the seller. I will explain the process of what happens through the offer, any counter offers, and what to do while you are under contract. My team will ensure you stay on target with all the deadlines and paperwork all the way through to closing day.

Get an Inspection

Always get an inspection! A good inspector will walk you through the home and point out any potential or actual issues that you may want to address. We can then consider submitting these to the seller for fixing or price negotiation or other options.

Lender Needs

Your lender will have things you will need to complete including possible additional paperwork and organizing an appraisal of the property. My team will answer all of your questions and work with your lender.

Closing Day!

Sign your name a whole bunch and get your keys to your new home. WELCOME HOME!

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Elizabeth Boese.
Your Personal Agent.

My passion is all about helping people.
I help guide you through the whole process, whether buying or selling or both!

Elizabeth Sugar Boese